Money, Power and People – the Independent Money Alliance Conference. 19-20 October, Glasgow

Reinventing money in the age of austerity.

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19-20 October 2017 Partick Burgh Hall, Glasgow (*scroll down for agenda*)

Join us for two days of talks, discussion, workshops, networking – and socialising! Meet financial activists from the UK and beyond, share learnings, be inspired by the latest innovation and challenge your preconceptions.

A must for anyone involved in the world of local and alternative currencies, as well as anyone interested in challenging the financial status quo, Money, Power and People will feature a mix of inspirational ideas and pragmatic help for local currency practitioners.




Brett Scott is a journalist, campaigner and former derivatives broker. The author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money, his CV includes working on tax justice with Action Aid UK, and investigating food markets with the World Development Movement.

Fiona Archbold, Project Manager at Civilised Bank. Fiona started Tusmor to advise and help new banking start-ups and is the only person in the UK that has built two new retail banks, Metrobank and Ivo Bank, and a credit union, the Kensington & Chelsea Credit Union.

Tony Greenham leads the Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing programme at The RSA. He is a chartered accountant and former investment banker with experience in social and environmental NGOs, including NEF.

Edward Smythe, Positive Money‘s economist, responsible for research. He worked for nine years in asset management as an equity analyst and macro-economist. He has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University including a top-five placed Double-First in microeconomics. More recently, he worked as a senior researcher at Tomorrow’s Company leading their work on the investment chain and a project to financially map the UK economy.

Marloes Nicholls is Innovation Programme Manager at the Finance Innovation Lab – a charity that incubates the people, ideas and movements building a financial system that serves people and planet. An economist by training, Marloes is passionate about finding ways to engage everyone in the future of money and finance. In 2011, she co-founded the campaign Move Your Money UK.

Dr Craig Dalzell is the Head of Research for Common Weal, a Scottish “think-and-do tank” which advocates building a society which places less emphasis on the “Me First” politics of the past several decades and instead builds one which puts “All of Us First”. He holds a Masters degree and a PhD in laser physics and optoelectronics from the University of Strathclyde and runs the economics and politics blog The Common Green.

Diana Onu is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Exeter. She is a psychologist studying people’s economic behaviour, focusing on questions of identity, motivation, and emotions. Much of her work focuses on people’s willingness to cooperate at national level (e.g. by contributing to the tax system, by taking part in social movements), but she has also recently worked with Exeter Pound to look at motivations to participate at local level.

Patrick Harvie is Co-Convenor of the Scottish Green Party and has been an MSP for Glasgow since 2003. He is a member of Holyrood’s Finance and Standards committees.








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