Electronic Currencies and Technical Developments

Workshop led by Bristol Pound Technical Director, Graham Woodruff.

Topics explored included:

  • Why have an electronic currency
  • What is a currency platform
  • Cyclos currency platform features
  • Research into text payments
  • Sharing technical resources

All the slides can be downloaded here.

Research details, referenced in the presentation:
It’s sound – Bristol Pound encourages community unity
There is a rapidly growing momentum driving the development of mobile payment systems. New research by the universities of Bristol and Brunel has shown systems, such as the Bristol Pound, can have a positive effect on the local community by encouraging consumers to support and value their local businesses.

Pocket Intelligence
Pocket Intelligence developed the official Bristol Pound mobile app, and James Long demonstrated their Point of Sales (POS) system designed especially for independent businesses and integrates with the Bristol Pound’s TXT2PAY.