Printed Currencies

Many independent currencies have only printed paper versions, for example the Lewes Pound and some of the electronic currencies do as well such as the Bristol and Brixton schemes.

These paper currencies can be beautiful and attractive and can be an excellent way to advertise your scheme. To ensure against forgery it is important that you use an experienced security printer who can then advise you on the many options available.


Brian Kenworthy from Orion Security Print Ltd gave us a fascinating presentation about the world of security printing. Orion print many of the currencies here in the UK and abroad, including Bristol, Brixton, Totnes and Exeter. You can find out more information and contact them through their website here:

The Bristol Pound security guide is a useful pointer to some of the features available, you can download it here:

Bristol Pound_Security_Guide (PDF 3mb)

Some Examples of Orion’s work..


B£ 2015 (3d)