Community and Trader Engagement

Workshop led by Michael LLoyd-Jones and Sarah Forrester Wilson of Bristol Pound.

Notes from their talk are here:

Trader engagement

  • Essential for a successful scheme – no traders, nowhere to spend. Can be your best advocates.
  • Starting place – hit-list of key traders (popular retail & wholesale suppliers)
  • Selling yourself – appearance and first impressions. Ongoing relationship.
  • Listening & learning.
    • Build up a picture of the business community – capture this valuable information!
    • Where they’re coming from – needs & values.
  • Know your stuff! Best answers to common questions. Replicable.
  • Balancing values against pragmatic needs of independent businesses.
  • Managing expectations. Pragmatic optimism?

Community engagement

  • Traders as the heart of the community
  • Listening, don’t just prescribe. Linking in to your agenda. Love of place = taking ownership.
  • Identity of place – context specific.
  • Early adopters – very important. “Low hanging fruit”.
  • Engaging with different demographics.
  • Methods of engagement – trial and error.
  • Make it easy to use/understand.