Prof. Nigel Dodd Keynote Speech

Nigel Dodd is Professor in the Sociology Department at the LSE

Presentation slides are available for download here (PDF 5MB)

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About Nigel

Nigel Dodd is Professor in the Sociology Department at the LSE. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1991 on the topic of Money in Social Theory, and lectured at the University of Liverpool before joining the LSE in 1995. Nigel’s main interests are in the sociology of money, economic sociology and classical and contemporary social thought. He is author of The Sociology of Money and Social Theory and Modernity (both published by Polity Press).

His most recent book, The Social Life of Money, was published by Princeton University Press in September 2014. The main purpose of the book was to reformulate the sociological theory of money in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, focusing on the question of how money can be wrested from the domination of banks and the mismanagement of states and restored to its fundamental position as the ‘claim upon society’ that Simmel once described in The Philosophy of Money. The main arguments are organized through an exploration of eight conceptual themes: origins, capital, debt, guilt, waste, territory, culture and utopia. At the book’s heart are urgent social questions about the nature of money. What counts as legitimate action by central banks issuing currency and setting policy? What underpins the right of non-governmental actors to create new currencies? How might new monetary utopias surpass or subvert government-sanctioned currencies? The book aims not simply to understand money but to contribute to its transformation.