Henk van Arkel Keynote Speech

Henk van Arkel is CEO of the Social Trade Organisation

Presentation slides are available for download here (PDF 1MB)

STRO website http://www.socialtrade.nl/?lang=en

About Henk

Henk is a generalist both in his education (ranging from Social Sciences to Geography) as in his publications that range from environmental topics in the 1970s to economy, money and philosophy from 1980 onwards.

Henk van Arkel is instigator and CEO of the Social Trade Organisation Holland, which is the mother organisation of other STRO-organisations in Latin America. His team develops innovative payment models and software for banks and mutual credit systems. This software called Cyclos has been rewarded by the payment industry and the Gates Foundation as the most innovative e-pay software. Presently it is used by over 5 million people.

Under the guidance of van Arkel STRO became one of the world’s most prominent R&D centres for the development of complementary currencies and financial innovations using IT-based networks.

Earlier models developed and tested by STRO are the Community Bank model in Brasil (2003 with Banco Palmas, presently Banco Palmas has over 70 clones) and the C3 (2007/2010) with successful examples in Italy and El Salvador.

The main teams of programmers are located in Montevideo and Porto Alegre. Activities were mostly in Latin America, up till a short time ago. Presently van Arkel is introducing new approaches based on the new technologies in several regions in Europe, supported by the EU. Speakers