Design for Local Currencies

Led by Charlie Waterhouse from This Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll who work with Brixton Pound talking about the importance of good design with a local currency.


On their blog, fellow speaker Nigel Dodd “The new Brixton £5 note epitomises so much of what this currency is about … there are no staid institutions here, no banks, no tablets of law, and no ‘great men’. The face at its centre is abstract and yet full of character: quirky, friendly and human, which is how I would describe the currency itself. On the reverse side, Marx reminds us of the dangers of treating money as a fetish, and of viewing it as a thing that can create value all by itself. He taught us that money’s value depends on the very social relations that such treatment denies, and these are the social relations that a local currency such as the Brixton Pound brings to the fore.”