Starting and Developing Local Currencies


A full day of inspiration, innovation and information about how you can develop local currency projects in your own community.

Sessions include:

How : Starting a local currency can feel complicated, meet others who have been through the process and can help you map a way forward. Topics include: How Bristol Started and How it works, Trader and Member Engagement, Strategic  Partnerships, Paper Currency, Technical Solutions, Communications, Governance and Team Roles and Legal and Regulatory Issues.

Why : Take a step back and work with other groups to define a common set of values and goals you want to achieve with your project.

Keeping Going :  Sustaining your project for the long term, hear about how existing schemes are moving forward. Topics include:  Generating Income/Financial Modelling, Brixton Projects, Bristol Projects and Other Scheme types

Full agenda can be found here

You’ll also have a chance to hear about and discuss design and technology issues as well as  meet other groups from around the UK and beyond.

Representatives from Brixton Pound, Exeter Pound, Birmingham Pound and Bristol Pound will be there to to share ideas, update on progress and help and support.

Date: Monday, 24th October 2016
Time: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Location: Impact Hub, Birmingham