How – Morning Sessions

For our morning sessions we talked through the following topics:

  • How Bristol Started and How it works
  • Trader and Member Engagement
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Paper Currency
  • Technical Solutions
  • Communications
  • Governance and Team Roles
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues

These were presented by Graham Woodruff (Bristol Pound and Guild of Independent Currencies) with Ken Simpson (Bristol Pound), Paul Neal (Orion Print), Melanie Shaw (Exeter Pound) and Adam Rich (Bristol Pound).

Click here to download presentations slides for this session.

Other links from the session that may be of interest:

Paper currencies
Orion Print:
The Bristol Pound security guide is a useful pointer to some of the features available, you can download it here: Bristol Pound_Security_Guide (PDF 3mb)

Technical Solutions
Bristol Pound (and others), currency platform Cyclos:
Research paper: Text Payments Usefully Imperfect

An excellent resource referenced in the presentation is Do-ocracy Handbook by Mark Simmonds

Legal and Regulatory Issues
Bank of England’s Q4 bulletin: Banknotes, local currencies and central bank objectives
Financial Conduct Authority

Paul Neal - Orion Print

Paul Neal from Orion Print talking about printed currencies