Would you like your scheme to be featured in a TV documentary?

Claudia MurgMy name is Claudia Murg and I am a TV producer and journalist, working with flagship UK TV production companies, to produce outstanding documentaries for mainstream British television.

I have a strong interest in the subject of local currencies, and I am interested in talking to people/groups of people, who would like to set up their own local currencies.

At this stage, the research stage, we are trying to understand more about the process, the motivations and the various local challenges of setting up a local currency, and what it takes to make it happen.

I will be looking into obtaining funding, once we have a clearer idea of most suitable format for a documentary of this type, and identify a suitable location and contributors.

My colleague Rob Hull and I, will be attending the conference, and will bring a filming camera along, as we have been given permission to film, by Bristol Pound

If you would like to get in touch with Claudia to get further information, email us and we’ll pass your details on.